What is ShellPress?

ShellPress is a simple WordPress framework made to normalize software production.
It’s open sourced and hosted on GitHub.


Why we made it?

We saw so many people doing obvious mistakes in development of WordPress plugins, it hurts.

  • Programmers use Composer to handle packages. Wow, ok, that’s cool, but not in WordPress. Did you think about what will happen, if somebody also used it in his plugin? In the best scenario, your plugin will be broken, because you use other version of library.
  • Use namespaces! Don’t prefix every function you have. It’s disgusting. ShellPress comes with built in, easy to use class autoloader.
  • When it comes to prefixing, it’s pain in the ass.
  • We decided to create it as a singleton pattern, so you can extend it and use everywhere in your project. Yes, I know it’s considered as anti-pattern, but trust me, WordPress plugin development should be as easy to use in any place of code, as possible.
  • We always needed simple way of creating WordPress-like admin tables. Extending WP_List_Table class is not a good solution.

Want to use it?

Please, visit our quick start guide to become familiar with documentation.