Commits TMC

Let your vistors know what are you working at.


Made by developers - for developers

Commits TMC gives you a easy in use API layer to create automatically refreshing widgets on your website.

Created with performance in mind. Our solution uses extended CRON jobs to move heavy lifting out of your front-end, so your visitors will not experience any delays in browsing. All of data is stored in temporary storage, which gives your GIT servers a rest.

Refresh action is handled only once per given amount of time, which menas your visitors will not lag your host.

Respect your privacy

Choose only projects you want to show publicly.

TMC Commits gives you ability to download names of all your repositories and easly pick right ones.

Single license

Multi license

Website licenses 1 10
Years of updates 1 year 1 year
Years of email support 1 year 1 year – priority support
Cost $180,00 $360,00