The Real Maintenance Mode TMC

You can test plugins and themes, and your visitors will not see any errors. Works even, if WordPress installation breaks!

Works even, if your WordPress installation breaks

Which means, you can test your plugins and themes, and your visitors will not see any errors. Plugin modifies .htacces file and generate static lock-down page on the server. This way you can be really sure no one will see any errors, while working on your site.

Two types of lock-down

Whitelist IP's or set password protected logins.

  • IP: When you login to backend, your IP is displayed, so easy copy & paste.
  • Pass: Simple add a list of passwords and logins

Supports exporting and importing settings for rapid environment testing

Easily save your templates with the license. Load the selected template. And you are ready to go!
Option Export settings as file keeps:

  • License key
  • Whitelisted IP's
  • Message: HTML template
  • Background, box color, text color settings.

Adds easy-to-use toggle button on admin bar strip

Click the padlock at the top of the page in the backend and secure the page. If you are rady to unlock page or your customer, simple click unlock toogle button. Simple as that


  • Supports LiteSpeed Apache servers ( NginX not supported yet )
  • Requires PHP 5.3+

Choose one of the options below.

Single license

Multi license

Agency license

Website licenses 1 10 99
Years of updates 1 year 1 year 1 year
Years of email support 1 year 1 year 1 year – priority support
Cost $10,00 $39,00 $99,00