Does my WordPress need security plugin?

22/03/2018 by Jakub Kuranda
For years we thought cyber attacks are just legends and occurs only on big sites. The only protection we had, was this easy plugin which locks IP after too many login attempts.     We didn’t really pay attention to those lockouts. Recently we noticed 15 login attempts with non-existing users from large range of (...)

How to set up Password Protection with htaccess / htpasswd on your WordPress?

Find below download link (.zip file) to our “Work in Progress” project and feel free to use it Download or see our GitHub repository Work in Progress repository When you work on some WordPress project and want to grant access to your web only to those who are authorized to see it or you simple (...)

Do I have to license localhost and the actual server?

When buying a “Single license” should remember that when working locally on a local host, if the license code is entered, the system will consider it as the use of a license for one domain. A similar situation will occur in the case of installation in a subdomain, eg If you are a web (...)

WordPress 4.9 won’t detect page template

Today we have updated one of our WordPress installations. Ufortunately I noticed that when creating a new page template WordPress 4.9 won’t detect page template.     Fortunately, the solution is simple. Visit the Github site and download the plugin by @connorlacombe. After installation you will see in the navigation bar “Clear File Cache” and that (...)